Travel in Style

Paragraph about the Black Series

BAC Front Side 2 V2
  • Kitchenette at the rear with Fridge and tea/coffee facilities for your special occasion/event

  • Sunroof over Kitchen area

  • Solar Panels on the roof with 240v mains power run the Kitchen with hot and cold water available

  • Italian Leather Super Plush Reclining Bucket seats

    All removable for customisation

  • Built in USB to each armrest

  • Soft Carpet floor with extra underlay

  • 5 LCD TV’s with streaming capabilities and Bluetooth and USB input

  • Second Rear loading door with downstairs toilet

Smooth running is our priority

Each vehicle in our fleet complies with Australian Design Rules and are equipped with seat belts. All of our vehicles are also fitted with GPS monitors to allow tracking in real time.

We have a team of specialised mechanics leading vehicle maintenance systems.  So any possible issue is identified and resolved immediately to ensure your journey is trouble free.