Company History

Ballarat Coachlines is family owned and industry-accredited to provide you with the highest quality services in bus and coach chartering.

Serving you for more than 30 years

Ballarat Coachlines has been delivering bus hire and charter services since 1987.

With just two school buses and a dedication to service, safety and reliability, our modest fleet grew to include a mini bus and coach.

This growth has continued over the ensuing years.

  • Established in 1987

  • Strong family invovlement

  • One of Australia's best charter companies

  • Loyal passengers for more than 30 years

A true family business

Every member of the founding families have worked within the business at stages and contributed to Ballarat Coachlines history and success.

Now, Brendan and Matthew Kosloff carry on the management of Ballarat Coachlines while ensuring the same values are continued in their passion and commitment to their passengers and the transport industry.


Ongoing customer commitment

The owners early successes have turned into sustained growth and the Ballarat Coachlines team is proud to be one of Australia's best charter companies.

With a modern fleet of more than 25 vehicles we provide exceptional service to our passengers, some of who have been travelling with us for more than 30 years. We look forward to servicing your next bus charter too.